Frequently Asked Questions

How much does The Hawaiian Box cost?

Currently, The Hawaiian Box is $94.50 per box and we deliver 4 times a year. Shipping will be calculated upon check out.

PLEASE NOTE: Starting January 2021, The Hawaiian Box will be sent out monthly at $64.99/month. Our Mini Box will convert to a food box at $29.99/month. Both boxes will have entirely separate items monthly, allowing customers to purchase both as a Premium Box. 

Why is is $95/box when other subscription box companies are cheaper in price?

The  value of The Hawaiian Box is well over $150 per box. Cost of materials for our vendors are high and shipping from the islands are costly as well.  However, we feature only products that are designed in Hawaii or handmade in Hawaii making our box absolutely unique!

How are you different than other subscription boxes?

Every  subscription box has a unique theme. The Hawaiian Box features products that are authentic, Made-In-Hawaii, or at the least, inspired and designed in Hawaii, to accommodate local artists and vendors that have moved away from home. Our mission is to deliver to you the most authentic Hawaiian products possible. We are confident that you will feel our Love & Aloha in every box!

I am visiting Hawaii. Can I pick up a box in person?

Of  course! However, at this time we are only able to personally deliver a  box to you if you are staying on Kauai. Please email us at to request this. Our team will be in touch with you to make necessary arrangements.