About Us

We support local businesses

One of the reasons The Hawaiian Box was created was to let the world  know what Hawaii has to offer. Hawaii is more than majestic mountains,  breathtaking waterfalls, and warm beaches. Hawaii feels like home  because of the people. The community is one big Ohana, a family.  Children are taught to respect elders ones by calling them "aunty" or  "uncle" whether they are related or not. Before you enter someone's  home, it is custom to remove your slippers, or flip-flops, and shoes,  out of courtesy of keeping the home clean.

Yes, Hawaii is a special place. However, being in the middle of the  ocean, this beautiful tourist destination also brings a high cost of  living. Believe it or not, most people have 2 jobs (or more) just to  make ends meet. Some people have turned to opening their own businesses  selling something they created. And that's where we come in. The  Hawaiian Box features products made by these small businesses that bring  income in for their families. We are happy to say that by supporting  local businesses, we are also supporting local families in the islands.  Mahalo to you too for supporting our families!

Need more reasons to sign up?

Can you imagine a beach in Hawaii and stepping on trash (not sand!) with every step you take? Believe it or not, there are some beach areas that are exactly that. It was reported that approximately 50,000 pounds of marine debris consisting of nets, ropes, and plastics are removed from Kauai shores every year.

On another note, according to the Plant Extinction Prevention  Program, “Nearly 240 Hawaiian plant species have fewer than 50 wild  individuals remaining.” And yet, invasive species of vegetation are constantly being removed to protect the environment of our native  plants. 

When you purchase a box, you will be donating to the organizations that focus on beach cleanups, preserving native plants, and the conservation and restoration of native ecosystems from mauka to makai (mountain to ocean). We love our islands, and we know you do too. For  more information, please email us at info@thehawaiianbox.com.